Arlington,TX Christkindl Market Volksmarch 11K

Today we joined the Tarrant County Walkers for a volksmarch that started at the Arlington Visitors Center near the Ranger’s Ballpark.  We walking some city streets then through Richard Green Park.  We then circled Cowboy Stadium on city streets and picked up Johnson Creek Trail in Cluck Linear Park.  We returned through Richard Green Park on the opposite side of the lake passing the Caelum Moore Sculptures which were very neat.  The walk route ended at the Christkindl Market which we enjoyed walking through.DSCF3830DSCF3833DSCF3831DSCF3834DSCF3835DSCF3832DSCF3836DSCF3838DSCF3839DSCF3837DSCF3840DSCF3841DSCF3842DSCF3843DSCF3844DSCF3845DSCF3847DSCF3848DSCF3849DSCF3850DSCF3851DSCF3846DSCF3852DSCF3853DSCF3855DSCF3854DSCF3856DSCF3857DSCF3858DSCF3859DSCF3860DSCF3861DSCF3862DSCF3863DSCF3864DSCF3865DSCF3866DSCF3867DSCF3868DSCF3869DSCF3870DSCF3871


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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