Fort Worth 10K

Today we went to the Sheraton Hotel on Commerce Street and requested the walk box.  The first two people we asked didn’t know anything about a “walk box” but we lucked out wsith the third person.  She handed us the box and we were able to get registered, take a set of directions and head out on our 10K Volksmarch which was basically a walking tour of downtown Fort Worth.  It was misting rain the whole time, but it was warm so it wasn’t bad.

Our first stop was the Water Gardens which are directly across from the Sheraton.

DSCF4424 DSCF4425 DSCF4426

Leaving there we headed over to old Texas and Pacific RR terminal.  The bottom of the building currently has a restaurant and the top floors are loft apartments.  We peeked into the restaurant and I took a picture of the beautiful ceiling.

DSCF4430 DSCF4433

We continued our walk and we passed many ornate building decorations.  The first one is the old US Postoffice.  The second I didn’t note the name of the building but the third is the Fort Worth Club.

DSCF4438 DSCF4443 DSCF4444

Off in the distance I noticed a beautiful church.


Then we walked by the Masonic Temple.  It was completed in 1932.  The historical marker says that it is neo-classical with art modern influences and features upper story ionic columns.


Built in 1898 the Pullock-Capps house is a wonderful example of Victorian style homes.


Built in 1899, the BallEddlemanMcFarland House below is an example of Queen Anne architecture.


The walk went back uptown and we went down to the lower level of the Tarrant County College Center for Health Care Professional.


Leaving there we headed over to the Bass Performance hall.   I barely caught this angel blowing her trumpet on the side of bulding.  The tall building surrounding her, make her hard to see.


We passed Sundance Square which is undergoing construction.  Liked the cartoons on the protective wall around the construction.


We passed this statue of JFK.  I didn’t know that he spoke in Fort Worth before heading over to Dallas where he was killed.


This is the Sante Fe RR depot.  It is now part of UT-Arlington.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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