Land Heritage Institute 10K

This is a living land museum on 1200 acres of open space along the banks of the Medina River on the far south side of San Antonio preserving, maintaining and interpreting 10,000 years of continual human habitation.  Current property access is by appointment only and with Entry or Special Use Permit.  The property has 18 miles on trails that are shared by equestrians, bikers and hikers.  The horses have the ROW!



The above trees where huge.


Walkers passing the old Watson Homestead to get their cards stamped at the checkpoint.


Some of the trail was nice wide roads.


All that is left of the old Applewhite homestead is the rock chimneys.


Sign said this was a corn crib, but all corn cribs I’ve seen didn’t have solid walls.



No explanation given for the Inca style carvings.


Pretty wildflowers along the trail.


More strange carvings.

DSCF6464 DSCF6466



Not all of the walk was in the woods some was out in pasture.  We finished up before the rain hit.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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