Navasota, TX Volksmarch (10K walk)

We went to Navasota today to walk the Year Round Event which starts at The Filling Station Diner and Cafe on Washington Street.  This walk is sponsored by the Brazos Valley Trailblazers Club in College Station.  We walked this event the last couple of years so the pictures may look familiar.   Lots of historic homes, a nice park, and a hike/bike trail were all part of the walk route.

It was a good walk, it was 47 when we started and 67 when we finished.  Glad the walk route looped by back the start/finish so we could drop our jackets in the car.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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2 Responses to Navasota, TX Volksmarch (10K walk)

  1. Interesting old homes. Love the wheel barrel photo. Where are all the peeps?

  2. walktx says:

    A year round event is done by going to the start location, asking for the walk box, and signing in. Take a set of directions and do the walk on your own. We do have regular Events where there are lots of people. However, I don’t usually post people pictures on WordPress because some people are paranoid about seeing themselves on the internet. I do have another place I post all the pictures at. For this Saturday’s walk in Goldthwaite go to to see the people pictures!

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