Amarillo Volksmarch – 11/02

We did the Amarillo 11K event on Sunday.  Because we kept seeing neat stuff off the trail we increased the distance considerably.  But it was worth it.  I’ve been to Amarillo on numerous occasions without seeing any of this.

Our event registration was at the Courtyard by Marriott in the Fisk Building.  Very nice.

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Entrance

Chandelier in the hotel.

Chandelier in the hotel.

As we left the hotel I could see an old movie theatre marquee but we didn’t walk that direction.

DSCF0262We did pass this nice light outside the hotel.


DSCF0263We stopped at The Heart of Amarillo.

DSCF0264We walked past the Potter County Library.

DSCF0267We did a slight detour to look at the County Courthouse.

DSCF0268Light at the courthouse entrance.

DSCF0271We passed the Khiva Shriner Temple with its statue.

DSCF0272We came to the “Make a Wish Foundation” and sadly read some of the sidewalk plaques.

DSCF0275We passed the Newspaper.

DSCF0276We came to the “Madam Queen”.  The historical marker informed us that prior to diesels, this was the greatest of Santa Fe’s locomotives. Retired from service 1953, and given a permanent home here in 1957.


We spied this elevated horse off the walk route and went over to take a look.  It stands in from of the old Santa Fe RR depot which is now an art gallery.


DSCF0280Back on the walk route we came to the Civic Center.

DSCF0282Just past it was a wall with plaques.

DSCF0285This is just one of the plaques.  They are in need of restoration.

DSCF0286We came to the statue of Rick Husband 1957 – 2003.  Colonel, USAF, NASA Astronaut.  Mission Commander of the Space Shuttle Columbia.  Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry 02/01/03. All seven astronauts aboard lost their lives.

DSCF0287We came to an earth globe Kugel ball in Centennial Plaza.   They spin with the slightest push.

DSCF0290A little way off the walk route was another pretty horse.

DSCF0291I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bank with this type of Marquee.

DSCF0292We walked along the old Route 66 and this is the only sign we found.

DSCF0293We passed through a small neighborhood where a lady had made a fence out of bicycle wheel.

DSCF0294Our walk brought us back to the hotel (start).  Those walkers doing a 5K where finished.  We continued on.  This decoration on the building caught my eye as we passed.

DSCF0295This time we walked past the old theatre.  The theater opened in 1932, closed in the 1970’s.  The theatre is now an office building.

DSCF0297We had thought this might be an old hotel, but it turns out it is the home office of the Santa Fe Railroad.

DSCF0298This is a historic home.  Bivens Home circa 1905.

DSCF0302There was a horse nearby.

DSCF0306We came to Old First Baptist Church circa 1890.

DSCF0307Right next door is the New Baptist Church circa 1929

DSCF0308Just down the street we came to United Methodist Church.

DSCF0320Our walk took us to the Plemons Eakle Historic District with its many wonderful old homes.







DSCF0332On the edge of the district we came upon this cigar company.  Cute sign.

DSCF0329We continued under I-40 and into another section of homes.  Not as big, but still very interesting.




DSCF0339The walk turned around and we brushed the edge of the historical district again.


DSCF0341Another horse.

DSCF0343We came to a park with a Confederate Memorial.

DSCF0347We passed by the First Presbyterian Church.


DSCF0351We passed a couple of more horses and we were through.



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