Waco, TX Historic Downtown Volksmarch


The walk starts at the Hilton Inn. There is a bronze cattle drive directly in front of the Hilton in Indian Springs Park. We took a picture before going in to register.


The walk route head out the back door of the Hilton past the Freedom Fountain.


We pass the 1930 Art Deco Waco City Hall.


There is a dry fountain on the lawn with lion heads.  Marker on the fountain says it was donated in 1909 by  the National Humane Alliance. 


Across from the city hall is the new Chamber of Commerce building with it’s copper dome.  It has solar panels on the roof to provide power to the whole building.


The walk passes the Alico Building which is still the tallest building in Waco.  It is 22 stories tall.  It was built in 1910.  It survived the 1953 Waco tornado.


The old Kress building has been remodeled into loft apartments.


Vintage movie theater that originally opened in 1914 as the Hippodrome. When destoyed by fire it was rebuilt with it’s current Mediterranean style in 1929 and was named the Waco Theatre. Current sign has both names.


Waco Masonic Lodge #92.  Chartered on Jan. 23, 1852, as the Bosque Lodge.  Name changed in 1856.  Three former Texas governors have been members of this lodge.


Woodmen of the World Memorial on the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn.


I focused in on one of the Eagles on the side of the courthouse.


North side of the McLennan County Courthouse.


Marker on the courthouse lawn that says this used to the site of the Neill McLennan home.


Another Veteran’s Memorial.


We have roses blooming in January!


We passed the Vietnam Memorial.


Looking back at the Washington Street Bridge, the walk will take us over it later.


Construction site along the river.


Marker for what will later become University Parks Drive.


We passed St. Francis Cathedral.


The Episcopal Church.


The Texas Grand Masonic Lodge.


The old Waco High School, now loft apartments.


We passed Starry Starry Night replica.


Nice design on the fire station.


We passed this beautiful Baptist Church.


We passed the HGTV show location Magnolia Market.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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3 Responses to Waco, TX Historic Downtown Volksmarch

  1. mommermom says:

    Looks like a historic town. Great photos and info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. RoseMarie Gonzales says:

    My grandfather Eduardo Quintanilla was a Woodmen of the World buried at Holy Cross Cemetary and noticed the stone you have in front of the McLennan Courthouse does not have his initial of E for Eduardo Quintanilla but instead have G. Quintanilla. Could you lead in the right direction to have this fixed? Thank you RoseMarie Gonzales

  3. walktx says:

    Wish I could be of help, but I know nothing about the Woodman of the World organization. I just took a picture of the monument as I walked by.

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