Cave Walk – Cedar Park – 04/30/16

We drove down to Cedar Park west of Georgetown to do this event with the Colorado Riverwalkers Volksmarching club.  The event started at Nelson Ranch Park.  The caves are scattered around in several “Preserves” with residential streets in between.  The caves are all grated or fenced off.


DSCF7658 DSCF7661 DSCF7662 DSCF7664 DSCF7665 DSCF7666 DSCF7667 DSCF7668 DSCF7669 DSCF7670 DSCF7671 DSCF7673 DSCF7674 DSCF7676 DSCF7677 DSCF7678 DSCF7679 DSCF7680 DSCF7682 DSCF7683 DSCF7685 DSCF7687 DSCF7690 DSCF7691 DSCF7692 DSCF7693 DSCF7694





About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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One Response to Cave Walk – Cedar Park – 04/30/16

  1. Must have been intriguing to see the caves!

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