Hermann Park Volksmarch (Sorta) – 05/14/2016

Another work of artist David Adickes

Another work of artist David Adickes

This art is not in Hermann Park. It is along I-10 on the way into downtown, but I thought it was a nice start to a blog about Houston.

After visiting this Hollywood style sign, we continued on to the walk start at the Wyndham on Main. Once registered we headed out  down Holcomb were we found a couple of fountains and some art.




The turns on Cambridge and continues to Hermann Park.  We passed Maj. Dowling’s statue.


He was in command of Fort Griffin during the civil war. He was the hero of the Battle of Sabine Pass, the only Civil War conflict in Texas.

The walk continued along the golf course. One section of the path is protected by fencing.


We went adventuring at this point and headed over to visit the tiny train.


From there we headed over to the Miller Outdoor Theater.

DSCF7775 DSCF7776 DSCF7777 DSCF7780

From there we continued on over to the McGovern Centennial Garden.

DSCF7782 DSCF7783 DSCF7784 DSCF7788 DSCF7790 DSCF7791 DSCF7792 DSCF7796 DSCF7797 DSCF7798 DSCF7806 DSCF7807 DSCF7810

We went out the back entrance and continued toward St. Paul’s Methodist Church passing these interesting things along the way.

DSCF7813 DSCF7817 DSCF7825

We then headed back toward the finish passing lots more interesting places.

DSCF7833 DSCF7835 DSCF7837 DSCF7838 DSCF7840 DSCF7842 DSCF7843

We had a great walk.



About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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