Llano, TX – Urban Hike – 08/31/16

Our first stop on our walking vacation was the Texas Hill Country town of Llano, which is the county seat of Llano County.   Before we got into town to do the walk we stopped to see Kathleen Smith’s bottle trees and mosaic creations. There were smaller sculptures and bare trees for purchase (to decorate with your own bottles) but most of the displays are there to walk around and admire.  Down by the creek there’s an old car sculpture with animals and a large mosaic rabbit by the driveway.   She doesn’t like you to take pictures though.

We registered for the walk at the Days Inn and Suites.  We walked to the river.

dscf0106 dscf0108

The walk continues along the river to the Llano County Historical Museum grounds.



This machine was used in the production of block ice in 1904.  Electricity was also generated and sold to the citizens of Llano.


This log cabin (1860) is the oldest structure in Llano.  Originally upstream and on other side of river.  Moved here in 1991.


The bell in this tower once served the San Fernando Academy, founded in 1883 in Pontotoc, a community 20 miles west of Llano.


The museum is the old Bruhl’s Drug Store (1922-1957).  Given to Llano County Historical Society in 1967.


Walk continued past the Llano Depot which is now a visitor’s center.


Nice old caboose sitting next to the depot.


Interesting building out to Bessemer Street.  Historical marker says it was built in 1919 to house the Cassaday-Grey Granite Company.  Granite company closed by 1929 Stock Market Crash.

dscf0150 dscf0148

We crossed the beautiful bridge over the Llano River.  This through-truss bridge was built in 1936 to carry Texas State Highway 29.  It is named after Roy B. Inks,  one of the original board members of the Lower Colorado River Authority.  Inks Lake is also named for him.


Historical markers about the Granite Company in Grenwelge Park.


We soon came to the old jail.  The Llano Red Top Jail is an imposing Romanesque Revival structure. During the iron ore boomtown era of the 1890s, the Red Top with its 4-story gallows tower became a constant reminder to outlaws that they should keep their guns at home.


Deer at the entrance wears a prison uniform and has a ball and chain on his leg.  Walk continued through residential area with some nice homes.

dscf0140 dscf0138 dscf0136

We continued to the Llano Cemetery which began in 1862 (The city was chartered in 1856). 


Notable burial here is of Frank Teich.  He was a well know sculptor who did the Volunteer Firemen Monument and the Confederate Monument which sit on the Capitol grounds in Austin.


Leaving the cemetery we passed this neat “rock garden”.


The walk continued past this old rock house with a yard full of “Wandering Jew”.


We past two nice old churches.

dscf0127 dscf0123

We passed the WWI memorial.  This memorial stands in a small traffic island on the Southeast corner of the Courthouse Square.  It features a doughboy going over the top in WWI and a list of those from this community who died in that awful war.


The Llano County Courthouse built in 1893 is in the Romanesque Revival style, made of sandstone, marble, and granite.  It has a large corner tower that holds a clock.


This Second Empire Style building was designed to be a  stagecoach stop between Mason and Burnet.  It later serving as a hotel and a boarding house.  It was originally only a two-story building, a third floor was added when Colonel W.A.H. Miller bought the hotel in 1883. It was later renamed the Colonial Inn.  It ceased operations in the 1950s.


This attractive little theater originally opened in 1927. It still shows movies today.


On the other end of the courthouse is a tall Confederate Monument  erected by the United daughters of the Confederacy in 1915.


Near the finish we passed the Badu Building.  It was designed by Larramour and Watson.   The Badu building was erected in 1890 by the Llano Improvement and Furnace Company, as the location of the newly chartered First National Bank.






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