San Marcos – 03/18/17

This 10K event was divided into 2 Loops each 5K. One loop went out to Prospect Park. The one we chose went downtown and passed a lot of murals.

The checkpoint was set up outside the walk start/finish since the walk was two 5K loops.

Walk started at the old Dunbar School now a community center.

Ed and Kerwin

Carol and Brandy

This walk qualified for the “special program” El Camino Real.

Former Gothic church with octagonal towers is now a residence.

Victorian style Cape house is home to the Alpha Delta Pi.

Nice old home converted for business use.

Gothic First United Methodist Church (1893) was a few blocks off the walk route.

Old movie theater converted into a museum.

Hays County Courthouse

Pretty flower blooming in a planter.

Graffiti-Style Mural

Another mural on the side of a tattoo business.

Cute hair salon advertisement.

Mermaid Mural

Hays County Annex (1909)

Goonies Mural on left side of alley.

Not sure what this one is on the right side of same alley.

Walkers caught up to and passed us while I was taking pictures.

Other end of the Goonies mural.

Various murals on the back of the building.

Kerwin and Brandy

Eyeball graffiti

More terrific graffiti!

Another mural

The LBJ MLK Crossroads Memorial is a visible monument at the corner of LBJ and MLK Drives in San Marcos, Texas, honoring the historic efforts of President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in forging the most significant Civil Rights legislation since the Civil War.

Artwork in the center of the memorial.

It would be easy to miss the artwork.

Other walkers on the route ahead of us.

Amtrak Depot

This art was obstructed by ongoing construction.

More walkers

First Hays County Jail constructed in 1873.

Graffiti art

Veteran’s Memorial Mural

This marine is about in the middle of the mural.

Nice window boxes with flowers.

Heard House – Victorian Style (1888-1889)

1868 late Greek Revival style home.

Not on the National Register of Historic Places, so no info available.

Not on the National Register of Historic Places, so no info available.

Rylander-Kyle Home (1900)

Lovely wisteria covered the pergola.

Thanks Ellen for taking a group shot of us at the finish.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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  1. Beautiful old houses! The “Greetings” graffiti has to be a spin on Springsteen’s “Asbury Park” album.

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