Fort Griffin Historic Site- 04/15/2016

This is not a State Park, so your park pass doesn’t work here. There is a $4.00 entry fee for day use.  We were there to do the volksmarch.  We chose to do the 5K version which took us out to the cemetery and back.

Main gate entrance built by the CCC in 1939.  We didn’t know it at the time, we found out about the CCC later.

Sample of the information on display at the office.

Diorama of the fort’s layout.

More information about the fort.

Interesting historical information.

1936 historical marker.

Eagle relief sculpture on the top of the marker.

Mess Hall

Inside the mess hall.

First Sargent’s Quarters were pretty small.

Sutler’s Store ruins guarded by longhorns.

More longhorns

Hold onto our hat, that wind is strong.

US flag on replica flag pole on the parade grounds.


Ruins of the Administration Building

This structure housed the offices of the commanding officer, his adjutant (or assistant) and the post quartermaster.

Commanding Officer’s Quarters

Inside the bakery.

The bakery is the only  remaining original building from the Fort days.

Texas flag flying at the scenic overlook.

Memorial a Fort Griffin Scout

View from the overlook looking north toward the Brazos River.

Just a large Oak Tree and a blooming Yucca.

Reconstructed Powder Magazine

Ed said there was a display of guns  inside.

Just these four pistols.

Laundress’ tents were located here. It is a long way from the well!

Cottontail hiding in the brush.

Former cemetery.  Bodies moved to San Antonio when Fort was abandoned.

One of a kind wildflower.

We detoured from the walk route to check out this historical marker. Very glad we did. Knowing the CCC constructed facilities in the other section of the park, we drove over after we finished walking the historic fort to check them out.

CCC Historical Marker.

CCC information board.

Only remaining piece of the actual CCC camp.

CCC constructed drainage.

Back near where we’d  parked is the well.

This old house is at the entrance to the other section of the park.

We found the CCC built pavilion.

We decided to check out the nature trail.

We passed a CCC built fire pit.

Carol on the nature trail bridge.

View from the bridge.

This trail needs some mowing.

Ah, a section under the trees without tall grass.

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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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