Bandera, TX – 06/24/2017

We drove down to do the Volksmarch in Bandera. After the walk we planned on checking out the Riverfest activities.  Walk registration started at 7am, we didn’t get there until 8:30 so most people were already out walking.  

Mike was the parking attendant for the event.

No long lines,  we were the only ones at the sign up.

Our walk route started out through a park.

We saw one deer in the park.  This second one was in town.

St. Joseph’s School – Built in 1922.  Closed in 1968.

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church – 1876

Sign said this used to be a stagecoach stop.

Group of walkers from San Antonio are finishing up (going the other way).

Carved wooden Indian in front of a saloon.

This building started out as the bank in 1860.

Bandera Methodist Church – 1880.

Nice mural on the side of the fire department building.

Our checkpoint volunteers.

Mural on the outside of the bathroom facilities.

Sidewalk to the bathroom.

There are no “works” for the clocks. They are fake (painted on).

Riverfest banner hanging across Main Street.

Second Renaissance Revival Bandera County Courthouse erected 1890-1891.

Bust relief sculpture of Amasa Clark – the first permanent settler in Bandera – (1825-1927)

Tribute to Valor (all military personnel – all branches of the military).

 Sculpture on a pedestal inside a wire cage to protect it from vandalism.

Sculpture is dedicated to those Cowboy Champions (Cowgirl too?) from Bandera County, TX

Another deer snuck into town.

When we passed back by St. Stanislaus Church we peeked inside.

A lady came in while we were there and told us the faces on the painting are of children from the parish.

Historic building with medallion but no plaque.

After we finished the walk we visited the Riverfest car show.


We also visited the arts/crafts booths.

There were wagon rides around town, but we didn’t indulge.

Before we left town we ate at this diner which has been open since 1921.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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