Denison, TX – 11/11/2017

MK&T (Katy) Depot circa 1914.  Main Street entrance.  We parked on Main Street and walked over to the start.

Memorial to Texas 36th Inf Div Signal Company from Denison.

Sesquicennial 1836-1986

Side Entrance to the Katy Depot.

Carol’s picture of the start in the park next to the Katy Depot.

Walk start volunteers.

Carol’s picture of us heading out.

Marker in the park.

Eternal Flame war memorial dedicated to Denison Residents who served their country.

Carol heading under the railroad overpass.

There is a second railroad overpass to go under.

Statue of Gen. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States.

Birthplace of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Peeking in the window.

Heading back into town, recrossing the creek.

Looking back as we cross Main Street. This building is to the right.

This building was to the left. It was built in 1882 as a drygoods store.  In 1912 the NeoClassic granite facade was added when the National Bank of Denison moved in.  Bank moved out and it is now law offices.

Post Office built in 1910-12. Designed by Knox Taylor.

1888 W.B. Munson Block was Denison’s first post office.

Old YMCA/Woodmen Hall – Built only 17 years after Denison was founded. This three-story, brick and stone building housed The Woodmen of the World meeting hall on the top floor, the YMCA was on the second, and the local electric company was on the ground floor. The building has recently been rehabilitated into modern insurance offices.

St. Luke’s: Denison’s oldest house of worship and oldest Episcopal sanctuary in Grayson County

First Baptist Church – 1958

Residential area with pretty trees.

This maple has nice fall colors.

Waples Methodist Church organized in 1873. This sanctuary built in 1965.

Walking back along Main Street with its light poles decorated for Christmas.

Built in 1914, this two-story brick building with first-floor storefront remodeled ca, 1940, with glass bricks.

Built between 1920-24 as Denison’s YMCA, the building served in that capacity for only ten years. The depression of the 1930s put the YMCA out of business.

A pair of Chimeras adorn each corner of the building at 521 W. Main Street

Outer Space Music mural by Sydney Sbarbaro

1889 Italianate Style with alternating rectangular and round-arch window openings.

Ed spotted this business so we wandered in to look around.

Rialto Theater opened in 1920. Closed in 1977. In the 1990s it reopened as a concert venue.

Historic downtown has lovely buildings.

Nicely painted.

Half is still old, half has been modernized.

This place was locked so I took pictures through the windows.

Wood carving of an Eagle inside with the old cars.

Dragon skeleton was pretty neat.

Musical instruments were along the street. Ed tried out the xylophone. Carol took his picture.

The pedestrian crossings are keyboards. The instruments were at either end.

Carol with the Guitar

Park behind the guitar had a Christmas Tree.

Park had this metal crane also.

Just another building I liked.

Old Star Movie Theater (1912) is now Ivanhoe Ale Works.

Lovely building , ca, 1879

1898 O’Maley Building

Back by the fountain  in front of the Katy Depot to finish.

After checking in we went inside the Katy Depot. This was the waiting room.  It is now rented out as an event center for weddings, family reunions, etc.

Walking back to the museum.

Inside the Museum.

Eisenhower bust in the  museum.

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