Lockhart Historic Downtown – 01/27/2018

Walk started at Southwest Museum of Clocks and Watches, building erected in  1902.

Larry and Carol waiting for the rain to stop before heading out to walk.

Second Empire style Caldwell County Courthouse of 1893 was designed by San Antonio architect Alfred Giles.

Town clock adorns the top of the courthouse.

Black’s Barbecue, the oldest Texas barbecue owned by the same family, serves up tasty food.  We came back and ate lunch here after finishing the walk.

An exaggeration of how hard they work here.

Gerald, Robert, Michael, Sherri and Linda are headed back in toward the finish.

Carol and Ed in the City Park

Creek in the city park.

Rick on the trail.

Ed and I (picture by Carol) walking in the rain.

Looking back on the hike/bike trail.

Creek crossing.

Charlotte and Joan working checkpoint.

Geckoes decorate the restrooms in the park.

Possibly an old gas station.

Miniature village decorate a front lawn.

Pretty birdhouse on the porch.

We encountered many nice old homes on the way to the finish. Unfortunately most of them had no historical markers so I have no information to share.

The Coopwood House – longtime home of a prominent county health official, Dr. Thomas Benton Coopwood.

“Come Unto Me” statue of Jesus on the First United Church is listed on the Smithsonian Art Inventory.

Gothic Revival sanctuary circa 1898 – First Christian Church.

A ghost sign advertising Coca-Cola

Darlene and Pat are working the registration table when we finished.

Workings of a large clock in the museum.

Finish area in the museum.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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