Herman Park – Houston – 11/24/2018

The walk started at the Houston Zoo, but the parking lot was still closed because we arrived early. We found a place to park nearby and added a little bit of distance to the walk by walking to the Zoo.

We parked here and walked to the zoo.

Zoo entrance

A “you are here” map with the Herman Park attractions listed.

McGovern Lake in front of the zoo.

View of the nice paved trails in the park.

Kugel Ball has been damaged, the water is turned off so it no longer turns.

Ed on a wooden walkway over the water.

Crane and its reflection.

Pioneer Memorial Monument at the south end of the reflecting pool.

Sam Houston statue at the other end of the reflecting pool.

Miller Outdoor Theater

Seating and stage of the Miller Outdoor Theater.

View from the mound.

Another view from the mound.

“Hope for Humanity” sculpture in front of Museum of Natural History.

Entrance to McGovern Centennial Gardens.

View of the mound at the center of the garden.

This Japanese Stone Lantern was presented to the City of Houston, Texas, by the City of Chiba, Japan, as a memento of friendship on the tenth anniversary of their relationship as sister cities.

Archway entrance to the rose garden.

Just one of the pretty roses in the garden.

Statue in the Rose Garden

Fountains near the garden’s pavilion.

Fountain is turned off.

Simon Bolivar is just one of several busts along Hawkins Sculpture Walk.

Ed and the cascading waterfall down the mound.

Looking down on Hawkins Sculpture Walk from the mound walkway.

Seating at the top of the mound.

Purple grass is lovely when you look down from the mound.

Back at the reflecting pool looking toward the Pioneer Memorial.

Pergola with seating along the reflecting pool.

Entrance to the Japanese Garden.

Small prayer house on the edge of the lake.

Stone lantern in a dry creek bed.

Rocks along the dry creek bed.

Stepping stone for when the creek isn’t dry.

Another entrance to the Japanese Garden.

Tea Houses?

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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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