Garland, TX 2/2/2019

The walk started at Dos Banderas in historic downtown Garland.

1917 C.M. Brown Building was built for house a Ford Dealership.

Former IOOF Lodge

Art Deco Plaza Theater opened in 1941.

Artistic seating along the edge of the park has a fire mural.

Garland City Hall

Top of “Vision of the Arts” sculpture in front of the Granville Art Center.

Relief art on the base of the “Vision of the Arts” sculpture.

Graffiti art behind Smokehouse Brewery & BBQ

Trash cans around the park are nicely painted.

Abstract “Elements of Life” sculpture.

Boys Scouts

Veterans Tribute Garden

Carol visiting with Bonnie – our checkpoint volunteer.

Vintage gas station is now FT Auto Repair.

Assembly of God Church

Bank in former service station complete with old gas pumps.

Art Deco Garland Public School building.

Angel stands in front of the First Methodist Church.

1929 Presbyterian Church no longer in use. New church building is across the street.

Two elephants stand side by side in a yard at 10th & Ave. F.

This large tortoise is in the same yard.

Geodesic First Church of Christ Scientist

Victorian house – no marker

Hope they aren’t removing the glass blocks….

Art Deco Section of  the High School – WPA 1938-1940

Yet another entrance to the high school.

Relief art on the tower at the bus depot.

Clock tower at the DART Train Depot.

1901 Santa Fe Depot is now a museum.

Carol and the 1910 Pullman Coach Car

Tinsley-Lyles house relocated here for preservation.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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