Gladewater, TX 3/9/2019

Gladewater calls itself “The Antique Capital of East Texas”.   With approx. 200 dealers in 16 malls, Gladewater has a revitalized downtown.

Texaco closed its local office in 1987 after 54 years in Gladewater and donated to the city this pumping unit from the Texaco-Snavely “A” Lease #1.

Bonnie and Helen showing off their club shirts.

Art Deco Gladewater Museum built in 1939.

1940 Post Office (WPA)

Lee Library named for T.W. Lee.  He was publisher of the Gladewater Daily Mirror and owner of Radio Station KSIJ.

1935 First United Methodist Church

Cracked sidewalk broke the mosaic tile for the Masonic Lodge.

1970 First Baptist Church

Art Deco

1952 First Christian Church

Relief Art Sculpture of football players on the remnants of the old football stadium.

Gladewater school.

Waiting out the rain under the donut shop canopy.

Old Icehouse

Pretty tulips.

Lee Building was home to KSIJ Radio where Elvis performed live.

Built as a bowling alley it was remodeled into City Hall in 1985

1935 Broadway Elementary vacant since 2015.

Whisenhunt Center for the Performing Arts (Former Church of Christ circa 1940)

Mural on the side of Guadalupe’s Mexican Restaurant.

Mural next to the War Memorial.

War Memorial

Walker Manor Bed & Breakfast circa 1901

1952 Mack Fire Truck – Museum display.

Fading mural

Vintage movie theater opened in 1938. Since the early-1980’s it has operated as Gladewater Opry.

Painted metal cutout by artist Monty Graham.

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