Reverchon Park – Dallas – 4/6/2019

Heavy rain was predicted, but we decided to chance it and joined the Dallas Trekkers for their Azalea Walk.

No plaque explaining why there is a dolphin in the park.

Artesian Well with fountains (no longer work) near Park Entrance.

The WPA (New Deal Program) did extensive work in Reverchon Park.

WPA bridge.

My walking companions crossing the bridge.

Walking under Maple Avenue Bridge.

Walked under Fairmont St. Bridge also.

Linda and some red Azaleas.

View of creek along the trail.

Blue Heron in the Creek

Another view of the creek.

Overflow dam creates a waterfall.

Arlington Hall’s beautiful column entrance obscured by  plastic covering.

Title: Fall Leaf, Spring Return
Artist: Harold Clayton

Pink Azaleas

Pedestrian bridge over the creek.

Mule deer and nursing fawn.
Artist: A. Durenne

Photo op with lovely wisteria.

Graffiti along Lemmon Ave.

Kalita Humphreys Theater – designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Picnic tables appear to be WPA era.

Fountain in Turtle Creek

Helen working checkpoint.

Cute artwork on billboard along the Katy Trail.

Pergola with trumpet vines in Perot Plaza.

“Steel Remembers”
Artist: Michelle O’Michael

Caboose at the Katy Trail Ice House, just before the downpour started.

Waiting out the rain at the Ice House pavilion.

View of the rain on the uncovered seating at the Ice House.

Rain is letting up (but not stopping entirely) so we head out to complete the event.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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