Mineral Wells 04/27/2019

The city was named for mineral springs in the area, which were highly popular in the early 1900s. It is west of Fort Worth on US-180. Walk started at the Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway trailhead. They told us we’d be coming back on the old railroad bed, but the walk started out going through town.

Registering at the trailhead pavilion.

Crossing a small pedestrian bridge.

Oversized rocker at the Natty Flat Smokehouse.
(We ate lunch here after the walk.)

A tiny black bi-plane tells you which way the wind is blowing.

1913 high school sits empty.

A-frame First Baptist Church.

1886 Rock School was the first public school in Mineral Wells. Now a museum.

The natural rock, earth, and grass amphitheater erected by the Works Progress Administration (WPA)in 1937.

The first free-standing house built for home economics education by the WPA in 1933.

Pink primroses

Octogon building is First Presbyterian Church.

1910 Tygrett House is a lovely Queen Anne.

Debra and Dave chatting with people sitting on their front porch.

No information on this lovely house.

Nice bridge in the courtyard of The First Christian Church

The First Christian Church bell tower.

Large bottle at the Crazy Water Store.

Free standing arch at the Crazy Water.

Quiet tree lined street.

Monarch butterfly mural.

Octogon gazebo in the park.

Another mural

Restored Coca-Cola ghost sign.

Good view of the Baker Hotel which we will walk by later.

One of two murals on the old Seaman Building which was a Pontiac Dealership back in the 30s.

Other mural on the Seaman Building is a black and white Buick.

Pedestal Clock

Old horse trough has been made into a nice fountain.

Old International Truck on display inside a store. We went in to look at the truck and discovered they were giving away free samples of “Crazy Water” so we tried it.  Tasted great!

Dandelion Wish mural.

Kokopelli mural.

1908 building with IOOF (Odd Fellows Lodge).

Another pedestal clock.

The Spirit of Progress

“The Spirit of Progress” is the logo of Montgomery Wards.

The historic 1911 Mineral Wells Post Office is now used by the Mineral Wells Women’s Club.

Two story sandstone across from the Baker Hotel has 1899 and Yeager Block on the edge of the roof.

The Baker Hotel has lots of informational displays.

We found this one particularly interesting.
After lunch we went looking for the sign.

There was cactus growing on the hotel.

Front entrance of the Baker Hotel.

Haunted Hill House – claims to have 9 ghosts living there!

Gary and Heidi in the Hood County Hummers bright yellow/green shirts.

We returned to the start via the old railroad trail.

The old Mineral Wells Depot.

Zoomed in on this refurbished ghost sign off to the side on an old building.

Baggage wagon in front of the depot.

Official sign for the trailway.

Old wooden water tower with the down spouts to supply the trains.

Last caboose that traveled the tracks.


And we found the sign.  It was on the East side of town so those coming in from Weatherford on US-180 have a good view of it.

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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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