Enchanted Rock State Park 6/8/2019

We did a 5K around the south side of Enchanted Rock.  We walked out to Moss Lake and back. We did not climb to the summit. There is a $7.00 entry (if you don’t have a pass). To make sure you get in to this popular location you must order online at: State Park Reservations

Enchanted Rock

Coming in from the North, you can see the dome long before you reach the entrance to it.

Enchanted Rock Entrance

Even with a pass there was a waiting line to get in.

We parked facing this jumble of rocks.

Summit makes a nice background for pictures.


Great place to take a picture.

View of the trail as it winds uphill.

Looking back down to where we took the picture.

Great scenery.

More Yucca

At the overlook with Enchanted rock in the background.

Also at the overlook.

View from the overlook back toward where the cutoff was.

Trail has a washout.

Just a big Live Oak Tree.

Enchanted Rock reflected in Moss Lake.

Looking south across Moss Lake.

We turned around here and head back.  Everything in reverse looks a little different.

Mexican Hats

Swirl pattern in the dead tree.

View of the trail as it climbs back toward the cutoff to the overlook.

Yellow algae makes a splash of color.

Another view of the trail.

Another splash of color along the trail.

Closer look at the algae

Trail going downhill.

Last picture.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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