Winedale Walking Tour

Winedale is classified as a “ghost town”.  It is about 4 miles north of Round Top.  The  Stagecoach Inn at Winedale was purchased by Miss Ima Hogg, daughter of former Governor Jim Hogg, and given to the University of Texas. Other historical buildings were moved in and the area became Winedale Historical Complex. The Houston Happy Hikers hosted a Volksmarching event here.

Walk started at the old barn which has been made into a theater for Shakespeare plays.

The Biegel home, built of twenty-foot logs, was moved to the Winedale Complex to save it from flooding in 1975 by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Peeking through the window to see the inside of the cabin.

Raz was working the start table.

Cute trail marker.

MacGregor House, a two story late Greek Revival house, was built in 1861. Originally situated near the Wesley community in Washington County, it was moved to Winedale in 1969.

MacGregor house was open and we took the tour. This is the living room.

Lovely painted ceiling in the living room.

There were fireplaces in all the rooms. Seems like the mantle of each held a clock.

Another room’s fireplace and clock.

The mirror is beyond use, but the frame that held it is ornate and lovely.

Arched doorframe.

Houston Happy Hiker club president, Catherine, at the MacGregor house.

The two chimneys are all that remain of the Lauderdale house, which was moved from Somerville in 1969. It burned in 1981.

The 1894 Winedale School was moved here in 1992 and restored.

The School was open so we toured the inside.

The walk continued along the small lake.

My walking companions.

The Visitor’s Center wasn’t open.

An old gas station from when there was a community here.

Stagecoach stop and Inn.

Old “four square” barn.

Volunteers manning the finish table.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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