Henderson Syrup Festival – 11/9/2019

Our walk on Saturday was in the East Texas town of Henderson. It was a town before Texas was a state. When Rusk county was created, Henderson became its county Seat. Our walk started in Yates Park.

Bonnie was working the start table.  It was a cold morning!

Passing out of the park back past the sign we headed up to the Depot Museum and the Syrup Festival.

Caboose on display next to the I&GN Depot.

Gourd decorations for sale.

Syrup making demonstration.  Workers feed sugar cane into the press and the mule does the work.

I&GN Depot is now a museum.

Carol and the pumpkin.

Walking the Festival grounds.

Victorian Home across the street from the museum.  Built in 1901 by Michael Kangerga.

We walked past the car show.  These are just my favorites from the many entries.

Treasury Department built this former post office in 1935.  It is now a courthouse annex.

One last car.  I think of all of them this one is my favorite.  Not the paint job, but the car itself.  Rode in one of these many a time.

Relief art above the doorway of the Rusk County Courthouse.

This water tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was erected in 1931 and still serves the town.

Former Rust County Jail now used by the health department.

This historic Texas cemetery is located behind the Rusk County Courthouse off N. Van Buren Street.

Lots of nice markers and iron fences.

Statue decorated the marker for Col. R.R. Haltom

Lady Justice statue on the grave of Judge William Wright Morris.  

Art Deco City Hall

Henderson Municipal Court Building.

2006 Central Fire Station

1954 First Baptist Church.

1929 Sinclair Service Station.

Mural depicts 80 years of Citizens National Bank and Rusk County History 1930-2010.

Former movie theater.

1935 Building with Art Deco design.

Home of the Clinton Masonic Lodge from 1893-1936.

The Cow, the Sow, and the Hen – In the old days in this part of the country, if you had a cow, a sow, and a hen, you could survive. From the cow came the milk and butter; from the sow the bacon, lard, and hams; and from the hen, eggs.  As East Texas became more and more affluent, we reminded ourselves and our customers – “Don’t forget the cow, the sow, and the hen.” – It appeared on the back of Citizen Bank’s deposit slips!

Chamberlain Chevrolet Building – county’s first Chevrolet dealership.  Distinctive feature is the brickwork in the parapet, which incorporates the Chevrolet logo in inset panels.

1855 Howard-Dickinson House.  First brick home in the county. A frequent visitor in early years to this house was Sam Houston, a cousin of Martha Ann Howard.

1908 M. Kangerga & Brother Store is now the Rusk County Library.

Henderson Civic Theater is a 1885 building.

Two bottom floors of the First National Bank building were erected in 1902.  Top two floors added in 1931 after oil was discovered in the area.  It is vacant and up for sale.

This former fire station is currently vacant.  The bird looks more like a buzzard than an eagle to me!

1939 High School Gymnasium of brick and block.  Looks WPA but can find nothing to confirm that.

The 1913 Elias and Mattie Crim House is listed on the NRHP.  House is described as Neoclassical design with a large porch and Scamozzi columns.

1884 Eastlake/Colonial Revival style Hardeman-Griffin House

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