How important is our Logo?

1976-2019 Logo

Club logo from 1976 – 2020


New logo going forward from 2020

I wasn’t allowed to vote on the logo in either case.  This is a national organization with member clubs… at one time we had at least one club in each of the 50 states.  Today only 45 of the states have clubs.  We are missing Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

Were have all the walkers gone?  Those five states still have events occasionally as neighboring states sometimes venture over the state line to host walks there.

But back to the logo? Since the national organization saw a need for publicity to get people back up and moving, they hired a marketing firm.  The first suggestion that firm came up with was a new logo…

Do you think the new logo will get more participation?  The old logo which stands for “American Volkssport Association” was not words the younger generation understood it seems.  The kids can hardly misunderstand “America’s Walking Club”.

At one time the Volkssport clubs of America had other events besides walking.  We hosted bicycle events, ski events, snow shoe events, and even swim events.  “America’s Walking Club” has downsized it seems.  They are going to concentrate on walkers.

A mandate was issued to the clubs nationwide to switch to the new logo by June of 2020.  We don’t have to like it, we just have to do it.

Hopefully if you see the new logo you will be interested enough to come walk with us.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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