Waco Riverwalk – North to Herring Bridge 1/4/2020

The official route for this Volksmarching event is going South along the Riverwalk to McLean Stadium….  we made up our own route to check out the new Zoo statues.

Neat painting on the wall behind the check-in desk at the Hilton.

We registered for the walk, and headed out crossing the Brazos via the Suspension Bridge to walk along the east bank of the river.

We passed the Doris Miller Memorial.

Beautiful Victorian style home known as “East Terrace”.  It is a Museum now.

Historic smokestack was built in 1914 for a steam engine that pumped water out of the river to provide water for the city.

Pavilion along the hike/bike trail.

Just a view of the trail and my walking companions.

Former steakhouse is sitting vacant.

New mural on the Family Health Center clinic.

View of the Brazos as we cross back over via the Herring Street Bridge.

American Bison in the Cameron Park Zoo is visible from the Herring Street Bridge.

Nice Park benches near the children’s playground.

This lion was the first of the Zoo sculptures we walked past.

The mom and baby orangutan mark the street entrance to the Zoo.

We walked up to the zoo via a nice boardwalk to see if there were any statues up there.

Zoo entrance, no statues up here so we headed back down to the Riverwalk.

White Rhino


Geese flying off.

Cute little baby elephant playing with a stick.

Lioness and four cubs.

Small giraffe with its neck stretched over the construction fence.

Another tiger

American Alligator

Box Turtle

Crew Team training

Stag with 10 point rack.

Whimsical elephant sitting on a bench with its chin propped on its right foot.

Gerenuk is a species of antelope related to the Gazelle.

Ed and Carol on the Riverwalk.

Ornate Spiny-Tailed Lizard – its back is covered in mosaic design of tile chunks and round jewels.

Bats taking flight.

Bear Cub out on a limb.

Stalking Fox


Another fox, this one posing for the camera.

Multi-War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Washington Street Bridge

Fountain in Indian Springs Park

Looking back at the Vietnam Memorial

Cattle drive between the Hilton and the Suspension Bridge.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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