Keller, TX 1/18/2020

Before we did the walking event we did a little sightseeing. First we visited “old town” with its “art walk”.  Art displayed here is temporary and is for sale.

This butterfly sculpture is entitled “Flurry” and Laura Walters is the artist.

This stained glass butterfly wing is entitled “Migration I” and Pascale Peyor is the artist.

These panels of steel with holes in them is entitled “Starry Night” and Elizabeth Akamatsu is the artist.

This stained glass piece is entitled “Indian” and Jan, Deano and Kathy Dean are the artists.

Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe Locomotive 9920 is also on display here.

This metal sunflower is entitled “Helianthus” and Janna Tidwell is the artist.

This pretty dress is entitled “Swirling Shirley” and the artist is Stephanie Shrover.

These skinny dancers are entitled “Tango” and Bob Heintzelman is the artist.

Little Free Library by Golden Triangle Rotary Club

Seven Mile Cafe Chess Board

Longhorn mural on Nikk Blu Boutique and Gallery

Sign for Dr Pepper reminding us to drink at 10, 2, and 4!

First State Bank building erected in 1906.

This cute boy and his dog is entitled “First Love” and Missy Vandable is the artist.

This piece is entitled “Barn Martian” and Dave Speer is the artist.

This stained glass piece is entitled “Waterfall II” and Pascale Pryor is the artist.

We left the art walk and drove over to the Keller War Memorial where we found this eagle entitled “Protector of Freedom” and Darrel Davis is the artist.

Our next stop was the Keller Recreation Center.  It called the Rock Gym but locals.  It  was constructed in 1933-34 by the Civil Works Administration (CWA).  It is still being used today. 

Next door to the recreation center is this mural left behind when Bow Kay Designs moved out.

Our last stop before doing the walk was the Bourland Cemetery.  The entrance to the cemetery was built by the WPA in 1935.

Registration was in the Starbucks.

Armed with a cup of hot coffee we hit the trail.

The walk was mostly on the hike/bike trail along Bear Creek.  Creek was enlarged into a lake in several places.

Flood control?

There is art along the hike/bike trail.  This one is entitled “Comet Dancing” and Kevin Robb is the artist.

These bears are entitled “Something in the Air” and Sandra Van Zandt is the artist.

This piece is entitled “On Alert” and Sandra Van Zandt is the artist for this one also.

My walking companions

A view of well manicured area along Bear Creek.

We arrived at a playground and stopped to try our musical talents.

This piece is called “Remember to Play” and  Janice Hart Melito is the artist.

“Statue of Liberty” by Eric LaPointe

“Neuschwanstein Castle” by Eric LaPointe

Bear Creek is more natural looking along this section of trail.

“St. Basil’s Cathedral” by Eric LaPointe

“The Sphinx” by Eric LaPointe

Just a view of the paved trail through a wooded section.

Found another Rotary Club Little Lending Library when we arrived at Keller Smithfield Activity Node.

Cute acorn nut seating at Keller Smithfield Activity Node.

Nice lamp posts along Bear Creek Parkway.

One final piece of art… “Flying Heron” by Darrell Davis

We passed by the Town Hall.

Large fountain in front of Town Hall.  This was roughly a 4 mile “urban hike”.

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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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  1. BoobOnARock says:

    The art is wonderful! I love Swirling Shirley.

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