Waxahachie – 03/07/2020

Waxahachie began a “Hachie Heart” program in 2018, putting decorated hearts around town. We did this event to see the hearts.

“Land of the Free” was our first find.  It is in Getzendaner Park, near the Chautauqua Auditorium.  This is the front side.

Back side of the “Land of the Free” heart.

Historical Marker:

“Some 25 years after Chautauqua cultural programs originated in New York State, annual Chautauqua assemblies in Waxahachie began in 1899. Large crowds from North and East Texas and Oklahoma camped here, studying literature and the arts, attending dramas, lectures, concerts, exhibitions. This 2500-seat hall, convertible into an open-air auditorium, was built by Waxahachie Chautauqua Park Association in 1902.”

This one is named “Oobie’s Town and Waxahachie All-Start Band” the front side has historic building in Waxahachie.

Backside has live bank performance at KBEC studio.

We passed by this pedestrian bridge, walk doesn’t go over the creek.

Decorated utility box has a ladybug on one side and a butterfly on the other.

Truss bridge from Matthews Street was moved to Getzendaner Park in 1990 for use as a pedestrian bridge over Waxahachie Creek.

We thought this was a rock house, but on closer examination it is made of wood chunks.

Hike and bike trail goes past City Cemetery.

Ed and Carol on the trail.

We pass under the Elm Street Viaduct.  There is construction here.  They are building a second viaduct.  Soon this one will be one-way.

This heart is named “Hearticulture”.  It is at parking area in front of Rogers Street Bridge.

Just some pretty Tulips.

Rogers Street Bridge – This old bridge is now pedestrian only.  It was bypassed by a new bridge in 1990.

MKT Depot with an Illinois Central Caboose on display next to it.

“Crape Myrtle Capitol of Texas” heart is in front of the MKT Depot.

The former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Depot – great octagon turret on the side.

Former lumberyard makes a great Farmer’s Market. Open on Saturdays May 1 to Oct 31.

1914 Post Office was vacated in 1967.  In 1974 it remodeled into City Hall.

“Here Comes the Sun” is on the corner next to the City Hall.

“A Place in Your Heart” mural proclaims Waxahachie as “Crape Myrtle Capital” and “Gingerbread City”.

New Ellis County Courthouse

“Hollywood, Texas” shows movies filmed on location in Waxahachie.

Police and Fire Fighter memorial in Courthouse Park.

Unregistered Little Lending Library in Court House Park.

“All American City” with American and Texas flags in Courthouse Park.

“High Cotton in Hachie” is also located in Courthouse Park.

Ghost sign on a vacant building – they offer to press your clothes while you wait.

“Emotions” is located in Singleton Plaza.

Memorial marker to Colonel M.E. Singleton – President of Citizens National Bank.

Historic (and beautiful) Ellis County Courthouse, c. 1896.

“Live Life in Full Bloom” is done with mosaic tile.

1891 Odd Fellows Lodge –  Lodge #80 still meets here.

Crape Myrtle mural with a mockingbird is located on Enchanted Energy Haven.

Angel wings in the alley was great for picture taking.

Ed with wings.

Old Sinclair service station is now Bittersweet Bakery.

Bell from 1892 fire station on display in front of 1963 fire station.

We finished up the walk going down Main Street.  This is the West End historic district and has many, many lovely building.

Old Presbyterian Church is vacant.

Old Masonic Lodge is now a mortuary.

Sims Library

The fountain hasn’t been turned back on yet.

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