Mason 5/23/2020

In an effort to avoid COVID19 restrictions we found another YRE in a small town.  Mason was open with restaurant dining, etc.  Museums and Library were still closed.  Here is what we saw on this walk around Mason.

Mural on the side of Country Collectibles.  They had some nice stuff.

Pink pig wearing COVID19 protective mask.

Mural on the other side of Country Collectibles.

Nice postcard style sign.

Carol and Ed posed for me with steer on the side of the bank.

Nice landscaping!

The Odeon has a new bright color scheme.

1909 Mason County Courthouse is hiding behind some really big trees.

1894 Former Jail

WPA constructed firehouse is now the police station.

“Old Yeller” statue in front of library.

1887 School building is now a museum.

Old jail made of logs next to the museum.

Looking up at Fort Mason.

This garden is new.  Wasn’t here the last time we walked here.

Looking back at the fort and the the flagpole as we head back down the hill.

Nice rock Victorian needs some restoration.

Art Deco Church of Christ sanctuary.

Blooming tree

Chicken next to an old well covered by Trumpet Vines.

Old barn and water tank.

Old church erected in 1879.

One of several windmills and water tanks we saw in town.

St. Paul Lutheran Church – 1905

Nice old rock wall.

1918 Bridge, we will walk over it on the way back in.

Beautiful Seaquist Home – Italianate design.

Former Mason National Bank building is now home to Mason ISD.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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