Wichita Falls 06/06/2020

We made our way north this weekend to visit Wichita Falls.  It made for a long day, and it was VERY HOT by the time we started walking.  

Walk registration was at the Econo Lodge where this small Statue of Liberty stands guard.

Leaving the Econo Lodge we stopped to photograph this horn toad mural.

We parked at the court house to start our walk.

War Memorial in front of courthouse.

World War I doughboy statue in front of the Municipal Coliseum.

Beautiful coliseum.

Spanish American War Memorial also in front of coliseum.

Our first horse stands in front of the Wichita Falls Police Station.

Police Memorial and flowers on the corner of the police station lawn.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Abstract Art named “Crepe Myrtle” in Harold Jones Park.

Another of the horses placed around town.

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Fire Station has two horses.

Fire Memorial with old bell.

Victorian  Home

Church of the Good Shepherd

First Baptist Church

Kemp Home is now a museum.

New addition to the Baptist Church has a unique glass steeple.

“Pixie Eyes”


First United Methodist Church 

Victorian Home

Magnolias line one of the streets we walked down.

First sculpture in the “Kemp Center for the Arts” sculpture garden.

Small mural

“Flamenco Dancers”

Cone flowers

This is one of the pieces on loan to the Kemp Center sculpture garden.

“Wild Turkeys”

“Chinese Princess”

“The Dying Gaul” replica

Another horse

Kemp Center was closed so we couldn’t go in.
It was originally the “Kemp Public Library”.

“Vision of the Future”

Horse at the newspaper office.

Former Maskat Shrine Temple Building.

1933 Post Office / Federal Courthouse

Cute window murals in vacant building.

Garage door graffiti.

The old Wichita Movie Theater now hosts live productions.

“Arts for All” mosaic mural on a vacant building.

Another horse

This horse stands next to the previously pictured one in front of the bank.

And we are back where we started.  Distance walked 4.2 miles!

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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