Pflugerville 06/27/2020

Pflugerville is stuck between a Rock and a Weird Place.  Their words, not mine. 

To see this sign visit the pocket park between City Hall and the Hanovers Draught Haus.  

We all wore face coverings at the registration.

Brandy, Ed, and Carol as we head out on the 5K route.

First United Methodist Church Education Building.

The hike/bike trail passes under several roadways.

View of the creek the trail follows along.

Old truss bridge over hike/bike trail.  Bridge is closed to vehicle traffic.

Boles Park skateboard park.

Recreation Center where the walk box normally resides. They are still closed.

Little lending library box is nearly hidden by the Yellow Bell blooms.

A closeup of the pretty yellow flowers.

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church c. 1928

Churchyard Cemetery

Graves of the Pfluger family.

War Memorial

Back on the hike/bike trail along the Gilliland Creek. We stopped to see the waterfall.

Looking upstream from the waterfall.

Low branch made a nice photo op.

Bronze figures are memorial to Pflugerville’s Fallen Warriors. Monument behind lists the names of those lost.

Plaque at bench near the memorial to long time Colorado River Walker Member .   Click link for picture of Bunker at this walk in 2009

Some pretty red blossoms.

Just a nice house with pretty flowers.

Nice landscaping on corner lot.

Pocket Park.

First of four buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Built to house a mercantile, it is now a restaurant.

This one has 1909 on the top.  It was built to house a pharmacy.  It is now part of a daycare.

This one almost looks like part of the old bank next to it, but the windows are different.  It is now part of the same daycare.

Former Farmer’s State Bank building.  It is Italian Renaissance style with corner entrance.  It is now a tattoo parlor.

Mural on shed next to the brew house.

About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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3 Responses to Pflugerville 06/27/2020

  1. carol obianwu says:

    Thank you, Eveline, for the lovely photographs. You highlighted things we had overlooked. The photo of Bunker and his memorial is inspirational. He gave very much to Volksmarching and to our club, Colorado River Walkers. Carol O.

  2. Carolyn Richards says:

    Wonderful pictures! I recently moved to North Texas from Georgetown & still miss my walks with CRW. I really appreciated the photos of some of the members as well as many of the “stops” along the trail. Thanks for refreshing memories!

  3. walktx says:

    Hope you joined a club up there…

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